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Founded on the values of Accountability, Safety, and Trust, M.R Services has been providing Operator Qualification (“OQ”) services to the oil and gas industry since 2013. Our goal has always been to establish and maintain the highest standards in the industry, which we have proven time and time again by the dedication to excellence and our standing as an industry leader.

We have a highly qualified individual to serve as your OQ Evaluator and Trainer, who has a vast array of experience in the industry. Our Evaluator and Safety Trainers will ensure exceptional service and knowledge of industry standards and state and federal regulations. Our extensive experience gives us a unique insight and ability to understand the needs and wants of Pipeline Operators and Contractors while ensuring compliance with the evolving regulatory framework of the industry. We are constantly looking beyond the expectations of our clients in order to deliver market leading services.

We strive to build strong lasting relationships with our compliance agencies to ensure our services meet or exceed the standards.



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Jerry Rodriguez

Safety Professional

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Jerry Rodriguez is an experienced HES professional in both process safety and safety training. He is a trained expert in root cause analysis and works directly with O&G facilities to identify and develop solutions for potential hazards. Jerry is an OSHA trainer in the General Industry courses. Jerry experience is widely based in the Oil and Gas industry where he has trained and created a very strong presence in the Hispanic work group. He is bilingual and truly cares for the men and women in the work place.